Charlie Zone

French (VFF)

Charlie Zone streaming
  • Date de sortie: Jul. 21, 2011
  • Réalisateur: Michael Melski
  • Acteur: Glen Gould is Avery Paul, Zach Tovey is Brawler, Joe Zanetti is Promoter, Agumeuay Nakanakis is Nathan, Daniel Lillford is Co-worker, Jennie Raymond is Ava, Amanda Crew is Jan, Pasha Ebrahimi is Tal, Mpho Koaho is Donny
  • Genre: Thriller
  • IMDB: 5.5 266 votes
  • Titre original: Charlie Zone
  • Durée:
    103 Min.

Avery Paul, a former professional boxer, has been drifting since his release from prison, he convicted on trumped up charges of smuggling. That conviction led to him losing his boxing license. In addition to his long-shore work on the Halifax docks, he supplements his meager income by illegal street fights, which are posted online. It is through one of those videos that he comes to the attention of a woman named Ava, who hires him to retrieve by what will need to be by clandestine and forceable means her runaway half-sister Jan, a drug addict living with her boyfriend Tal and his drug dealer partner Donny in a crack house, and return her to her parents. The $20,000 fee, Ava’s parents’ life savings, would be sufficient for Avery truly to get back on his feet and resume his boxing career. Avery is able to infiltrate the crack house as a supposed junkie and abduct Jan, who is not a willing kidnappee in her constant need to get a fix. In addition to Tal and Donny who each have their own reasons for wanting to get Jan back by violent means if need be, Avery will learn that there are others who are after Jan and who want her dead, he more than acceptable collateral damage in the process. As such, Jan, in her more lucid moments, may come to the realization that she is safer with Avery than with any of those who are tracking her. Avery will have to find out Jan’s true past to find out why someone would want her dead. In the process, Jan may see a glimmer of hope in recapturing one small but bright part of her past which she probably thought was gone forever.

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